Improves plant nutrient uptake, resulting in higher yields

Dynamyc™ effectively inoculates plants with vigorous endomycorrhizal fungi. Mycorrhizae improve plant nutrient uptake, which translates to healthier, more resilient plants, higher quality, and higher yields!

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Medical cannabis trials with Pharmocann Ltd., a leading Israeli medical cannabis grower. Results analyzed by Laboratory of Cancer Biology & Cannabinoid Research, Technion, Israel, a world-class leader in cannabinoid and terpene testing. Plants treated with Dynamyc™ exhibited higher cannabinoid (e.g. THC, CBD) concentrations compared with non-treated plants.

30 years of
scientific research

Dynamyc™ is produced and developed by Groundwork BioAg in Israel, based on 30 years of scientific research that originated in the Volcani Center (ARO). The product was designed and formulated by a team of agronomists, biologists, chemists and soil and plant health scientists to help cannabis cultivators reach their plants' potential in terms of yield and cannabinoid and terpene content.

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